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Apple White " Daughter of Snow White " - Royal apple+white+ever+after+high Apple White " Daughter of Snow White " - Royal

Apple White " Daughter of Snow White " - Royal

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Leveranstid : ca 7 arbetsdagar

Ever After High is the latest Mattel toyline which is a spin-off of Monster High.

"Apple is the daughter of Snow White, and is the lead character of the franchise (along with Raven Queen) and lead character of the ‘Royal' side.Everyone loves her and are hypnotized by her beauty and kindness. She is a princess and wishes to live out her legacy, since it all ends well, unlike Raven's. She is a natural born leader and is full of responsibility but can sometimes be selfish like sometimes being nice to Raven so she herself could become queen. She can be inconsiderate and not respect the feelings of other people like Raven. She does not understand that Raven does not want to be evil "

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