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Dracubecca+freaky+fusion Bonita Femur - Freaky Fusion

Bonita Femur - Freaky Fusion

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beställningsvara, leverans ca 7-10 dagar

The Freaky Fusion doll line consists of eight characters. Four of them are identities that are a fusion of two older identities and the other four are all-new faces. In the first selection, there are Lagoonafire, a fusion of Lagoona Blue and Jinafire Long, Clawvenus, a fusion of Clawdeen Wolf and Venus McFlytrap, Dracubecca, a fusion of Draculaura and Robecca Steam, and Cleolei, a fusion of Cleo de Nile and Toralei Stripe. In the second category, there are Neighthan Rot, Avea Trotter, Sirena Von Boo, and Bonita Femur.